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Get Back Your Time, Energy & Focus

Introducing Steven's Newest Course: The Time Cleanse

Your Time Is Being Hijacked By Hidden Roadblocks That You Can't Even See

Time Toxins

Energy Eaters

Productivity Poisons

It's time to get rid of the bloat, back up, and B.S. clogging up your time and your life!

Time is the essence of life. It is the key ingredient to what you will do, get and become. It’s your time to master your most precious asset. How much time you have and how you use it determines your success and gives you more time for the things that matter most. What most people never realize, however, is that there are hidden roadblocks that are hijacking and stealing your time in your business and life.

Steven Griffith’s #1-rated original Time Cleanse® will guide you step-by-step in releasing your hidden productivity poisons, time toxins, energy eaters, and other calendar contaminants that are draining your energy and focus and stopping or stalling you from your greatest success, so you can benefit now and enjoy maximum wealth, health, happiness and have the freedom to do what you want when you want!

The Time Cleanse®

This proven formula will show you EXACTLY how to change your relationship with TIME and always be in control of it and maximizing the results you get with it.

Time is the essence of life ..It is everything you will do, get or become.

There are plenty of things in life you can go without, but time is not one of them. You can live for weeks without food, days without water and even minutes without air. But you cannot live for one second without time, and that’s true no matter who you are. No amount of influence, power or money can change the fact that, when your time is up, it is up and you are done.

Time is our most valuable, precious and limited commodity. But we make the mistake of throwing it away,(cherishing,respecting not protecting it, pretending its unlimited, and treat it as if it was the same as any other commodity, but it is not. We can however change how we use it and with who and where we spend it, but once we run out time… There is no way to get more. Its game over!

The 5 Stages of Cleansing


What is it worth?

Understand "THE VALUE" and your relationship with TIME... What to change and where to invest for instantly better results.


Do More With Less

Squeeze every once of productivity out of time without working harder.


Find Your Blind Spots

Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs (that you might not even know you have) that are holding you back in order to move forward at full speed.


Save what Matters

Rescue back 5, 10 or even 20 or more hours per week using the "Time Cleanse" (what’s that worth to you? $500 per week? $5000 per month?)


Let it go.

Learn to get rid of any and all stress and anxiety from time pressure.

What’s The #1 Thing Everyone In The World Wants More Of?

Everyone wants:

more success at work. more happiness. more passion in their relationships. more productivity in business. more money. more energy. more freedom.

Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right? But to get those things... everyone needs MORE TIME. Time is our most valuable, precious and limited commodity.

The time cleanse formula is a 5-step program that shows you how to - do more - get more - be more by changing your relationship with time and rescuing back 5-10 hours a week or more. While you simultaneously squeeze every drop of productivity out of every hour, so you can benefit and enjoy maximum wealth, health, love, happiness and have the freedom to do what you want when you want!

If you’re ready to break the shackles and escape free from the chains of not having enough time that hold you captive, and want to maximize your results in your business and life right now, then read on to discover this groundbreaking Time Cleanse®.


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